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EL-PAC 2 Power Lift Jack Kit

The El Pac series provides an easy and economical alternative to cranking the existing manual jack.  El Pac systems typically install in less than thirty minutes and provide enough lifting capacity to handle most living quarter trailers.  All of the El Pac units can be mounted on either side of the jack.

The EL PAC 2 unit is designed specifically for the Binkley two speed jacks.  The EL PAC 2 has a lifting capacity of 6,500 lbs. and can lift a trailer up to 32 feet of overall length.  This unit can function on either single or dual leg applications.  Please designate jack make and model when ordering.  Jack not included.

The motor on the jack is rated to pull 800-watts. Under full load it may pull up to 1,000-watts.  It is recommended that you consider a solar panel to maintain your power source.  6250004 is a 2-watt solar charging system that is sufficient if you are only using your jack a couple times a day.  If you are using it more than a couple of times a day, then the better choice is the 5-watt solar charging system, 6250005.


Manufacturer Part Number: EL-PAC 2
Stock # 7950133
Price: $673.00
EL-PAC 2 Power Lift Jack Kit
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